CSHF Seminar at the CSCA National Specialty

Mark your calendars for April 4 at 6pm eastern time, 3pm pacific!

The CSHF is hosting a seminar by Dr. Paige Pierce, a veterinary behaviorist, at the Clumber Spaniel Club of America’s National Specialty in Portland, OR on the following topic:

Dogs Just Want to Have Fun: Increasing Focus for Overly-Social Dogs 

In the performance setting, why does any dog choose to disengage from his task and move off to visit a ring steward or a friend? That question will be considered from all angles, to rule out medical causes, as well as identify other potential contributing factors. And then, for the population of dogs who are visiting entirely because social contact with others is enjoyable, training and management strategies to prevent the behavior will be presented.

Arrangements for live-streaming the seminar on Facebook are pending. Stay tuned!!