Canine Phenome Project: An Online Database


The Canine Phenome Project (CPP) is an effort to describe the dog as a species in all of its variability and to understand the factors, both genetic and non-genetic, that contribute to this variability. It is sponsored by the Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and by the Orthopaedic Foundation For Animals (OFA).

Its main tool is an on-line date base ( The Clumber Spaniel community is very lucky to have been included in this project for free, as it is one of the project’s Beta participants. At this time the survey is the same for all breeds, but the CSHF will work with the CPP to tailor it to better reflect issues that relate to Clumber Spaniels in particular. This on-line survey will replace the old five-year survey traditionally done by the CSCA’s Genetic Committee.

Entering your dog in the data base is free. The process per dog will take you approximately 10 minutes. You must have your dog’s registration number, registered name as well as the name of his or her sire and dam. Clumbers from around the world are invited to participate in the CPP.

The data that will be collected will help the CSHF determine where its resources may be best spent, and it will help the Clumber community as a whole identify critical health issues in the breed, including some that perhaps have never appeared on the radar screen until now.