Our Mission

The Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation, Inc., was formed to promote charitable, educational and research efforts related to the Clumber Spaniel and to support individuals and organizations involved in such projects with financial, and other types of support, to help them reach their goals for the benefit the breed. It aims at:

  1. furthering the understanding of the diseases, genetic anomalies and injuries which affect Clumber Spaniels in particular.
  2. supporting and promoting the study of and research on the character, uses, history, genetics, breeding and related characteristics which establish the Clumber Spaniel as a distinct breed of dog.
  3. developing tools that will generate data related to the Clumber Spaniel, data which will be shared with researchers, veterinarians, breeders and owners in order to further scientific and clinical research, as well as improve clinical and home care.
  4. developing information resources and making them available to the general public, Clumber Spaniel breeders, veterinarians and other dog care/training professionals, exhibitors and owners. Developed information should include, but not be limited to, the proper care, treatment, breeding, health characteristics, physical development and appropriate behavioral training of Clumber Spaniels.
  5. supporting and promoting the study and practice of responsible breeding principles.

It goes without saying that while our approach may be targeted towards Clumber Spaniels, all dogs may benefit from our activities.

Please note:

The Foundation is not able to give specific veterinary advice. As a general health resource, you may review the articles located on our web site, which provide overviews of various health topics. If available, your breeder may be willing to serve as a health resource and may be an excellent source of information. Whatever other resources you may seek out, we strongly urge you to consult your personal veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment of any health problems you may encounter with your dog, as there is no substitute for professional veterinary treatment.