Grant Proposals


Interested in receiving support from the CSHF? We may be able to support your research efforts financially and/or by providing you with DNA from Clumber Spaniels.

The Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation accepts proposals all year long. All applications will be reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee and our Board.

Submissions should be sent electronically to the Foundation Secretary at

As we are a small foundation, it is important for us to focus on studies that either have an important incidence rate in Clumber Spaniels or in dogs in general, and that also have the potential to move science in a direction that will allow for screening, prevention or treatment. 

Proposals should be a maximum of 12 pages and include:

  1. Title of the study
  2. Names of the lead investigators and their contact information as well as the names of any other collaborators from other institutions. Please include bibliographies and references.
  3. The amount of money requested, or the genetic material needed
  4. Proof of organizational approval of your study
  5. Importance of the research
  6. Background work already done
  7. A timeframe for important expected milestones in the study
  8. A detailed budget
  9. Other funding

Please be advised that we strictly fund data gathering, clinical scientific research per se.