Dear fellow Clumber fanciers:

CSHF President Jennifer amundsen

While there is no doubt our breed has come a long way in the last 25 years, health issues such as immune mediated hemolytic anemia, disc disease, cardiomyopathy and hemangiosarcoma are taking many of our Clumbers much too early in life. It is our responsibility to act. 

The Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation calls upon you to help make a difference, to establish a true resource for Clumber health. Our mission is to help Clumbers, and through our work any other dog, live longer, healthier lives, and you can be our champions. 

Banding together internationally, we can promote and fund research into the diseases that are breaking our hearts. We can also educate fanciers on other health issues that affect our dogs. This takes commitment, it takes time, and it takes money. But it can be done. 

Your support is needed and will be appreciated. We pledge, as a Board, to handle your contributions with utmost care and respect. We will abide by the Donor Bill of Rights© and strong ethical guidelines and will keep you informed on our work and advances. 

Dedicated Clumber fanciers around the world can make a real difference. Whether we have bred them or adopted them into our homes and hearts, these dogs we love so much deserve no less. 

Please, be a part of this dream: give the gift of health. 

Jennifer Amundsen
CSHF President